Femme Hive

How to speak up against racism and sexism

Episode Notes

2020 has been an important reminder that racism, xenophobia, and sexism are still a systemic problem in our society. Some of us have been educating ourselves on what it means to be a good ally and explored being uncomfortable with our inherent privilege, others have remained silent.

On this week's episode, Thamina is talking to her good friend Susie Xu, Program Manager at Yext, who has always been very outspoken on matters of equality, which stems from her experience as an East Asian-American woman. Susie vulnerably shares her experiences with subversive, hurtful racism that makes her feel like a perpetual foreigner in her own country. We also explore the concept of "silence is violence", the complexity of cultures and why Susie sometimes chooses to bark at men.

Being a minority and always carrying the torch in the fight again discrimination can be exhausting, especially when intersectionality comes into play. Susie shows us how to be a true role model and call people out.